Laura Hanmaker Grand Prize Winner 2020-21

Nancy Herring 2022Grand Prize Winner

1st Place Male Winner 2020-21 Rev. Charlie Dunbar

1st Place Youth 2020-21 Charlie Dunbar, Jr.

1st Place National/International Winner-Baconton, Georgia


 Distinguished Humanitarian Award 2021 Grand Marshal  2022 Mrs. Cathy Carmichael jones

 Nominations for 2023- Humanitarian Award will be voted upon by Board of Past Humanitarians of the Year. Nominations Accepted From the Community. See Pamela Williams Cloud for More Information!

Past Humanitarians

(Honorary Committee Members)

Rev. Dr. I.L. Mullins, Sr. 2010 (Wife, Mrs. Josephine Mullins)  

the late Mr. Ira Flowers, 2011 (Nephew, Mr. Stephan Thompson, Ms. Kaye Thompson, Ms. Hope Flowers) 

Mr. James "Jack" Hadley 2012

Mrs. Nancy Tillinghast 2013

Mr. Moses Gross 2014

Mrs. Lucinda Brown 2015

Mrs. Carolyn Henry 2016

Pastor Sharon Edwards 2017

the late Bishop Israel Blake 2018 (Son-Pastor Denny Blake)           

Mr. Marvin Dawson 2019

Mrs. Elizabeth Elzy 2020

Cathy Carmichael Jones 2021

Benjamin Hatcher 2022

*If Only One Nomination, That Person Wins Award If They Meet ALL Criteria Representative of Humanitarian of the The Year Criteria

Unselfish Community Service

Promotion of Diversity

Give Back to Community

Encourage Area Youth 

Promote Community Unity

High School Essay Winners Will Be Awarded on The High School's Honors' Night.

2021 High School Scholarship-Kirsten Williams-(MLK Dr. I.L. Mullins' Scholarship-1st Humanitarian Award Winner)

2021 College Scholarship-De'Asia Daniels -University of Georgia (MLK Mr. Ira Flowers' Scholarship Award Winner)


Content/Organization Grammar/Punctuation Service/Humanitarianism

 Church, Organization, Business or Ministry with Most Participants Get Health Ministry Set Up or Updated.

2022-Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Participation Award Set-Up Health Ministry-Lab Coat, Stethoscope, BP monitor, Thermometer, or Gift Certificate 

Last year we gave away prizes such as Grills, Cash, Amazon Gift Cards


Free Event planning/discount on formal wear



cleaning services (household)

Gift Certificates-Restaurants, Car Services, Retail Stores


2022 Adult 1st place Male walk winner

 Rev. Charlie Dunbar

2022 Adult 1st place Female walk winner

2022 Youth 1st place winner

Mr. Charlie Dunbar, Jr.


Gift Cards

Last Place-Gift certificate for one year free gym membership-

Totaling  over $10000 in Gifts and Prizes