Picture Above Past MLK Walk & Festival "Unity in Motion"

I was just in a storage building behind the event moving furniture. I heard the music and I wanted to see what was going on. Thomasville should pride themselves and be supportive of an event like this. You would have to pay a lot to have an event of this magnitude in Atlanta. I want to donate and be a sponsor/partner.

Daryl House (House to House Moving)-(2022).

Thank you so much for the invite! I'm too excited about my 1st in person workout of the year!! It is truly a Blessing to share the wealth of health in my community through dance aerobic exercise.

Deborah Miles Anderson (Debbie's Zumba Tribe)-(2022)

I love participating in this every year!

 Danisha Carter (2021)

Definitely one of the Best Events to Happen Here in Thomasville.

The 11th MLK Walk & Festival

(Willie L. Smith, Jr. (2021)

I want to become a Corporate Sponsor of this Event! (2019)

Mrs. Josephine Mullins in Memory of Dr. I. L. Mullins, Sr.

 I cannot walk today but I just wanted to drop by the walk to voice my support of an awesome event!

LTM (2017)

I enjoyed myself!  I had fun! 

Sharon Mobley (2016)

The walk was fun!                                                                                                                                                                            Unetkia Sales (2015)

I had fun! (Chadwick Pittman, 2014)

"Thanks for what you are doing in the community to promote health and unity"

Ms. Nancy Tillinghast (2014)